What I think Family Really Is

I was just about to sleep when I started thinking about how much I have been blessed to have a family. What is family?

The family is your first attempt at learning how love works and how forgiveness works, getting along with others and learning to help and support them, solving problems and taking care of duties for no pay, giving and receiving material things, affection, time, cleaning up after others and learning how to express yourself clearly and authentically, even doing things without getting credit. All of these skills and experiences are important and used throughout your entire life.

But also realize that no family is perfect here on Earth. People fail us and hurt us and have their own issues that affect how they treat us. The trick is to learn what you can from the imperfect people that you love and live with. And create a healthy life because of them, and in spite of them, both. Your spouse/partner will not be perfect. Your children will not make you happy all the time. And neither will your boss and coworkers. So you may as well deal with how to compromise early on, and learn to be content in every situation, and learn how to get along with others even though you cannot stand some of the things they do – or all of them!

Learn to laugh over how others annoy you and love them anyway. Learn to laugh at yourself and your many failings and embrace being human. People are all trying to be happy and most people aren’t because they don’t accept life as it comes to them. Do what you can with what you have. Decide to be happy and keep peace no matter what is flailing about you. Helping others is the key to satisfaction and reward in this life and the next. Focus on others, and being grateful for what all you do have. There is always someone worse off. Enjoy the life you’ve been given. There is a reason you are still here. Find it and live it.

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I am very simple. I love to blog about my family. I believe family is a very important institution in every society. I love to share this institution with the world

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