I was going through various blogs on steemit.com weeks back and i found a contest post for bloggers.

We were encouraged to write a blog post with not less than 300 words on any (1) of the following topics / themes:


So i decided to go for the first one which is ”WHY I STARTED BLOGGING”

Well in 2017, my husband and I got married and he had two kids, so I became an immediate step mum. I loved documenting everything that we were doing in our lives, I loved sharing them, but I was putting them all into a scrap book. So I literally had it all in the rough, the only time people saw them was when they visited and I will be like ”Hey, look at my scrap book”, look at everything we have been doing isn’t that great!
But the thing is the not everyone wants to go through your scrap books over and over, so I discovered blogging. Its just been so great for me to be able to document everything that we have been doing, sharing things with my friends, and meet tons of other people all through blogging, and discovering this whole online world out there.
In 2018, I found out that i was pregnant, and my husband and I have been trying, so we were super excited. Well, I lost that baby at 8 weeks, and I have been a step mum which I loved being, but there was a part of me that wanted my own kids. I wanted kids to call me mum, but unfortunately we lost that baby. I was devastated, I thought there was something wrong with me, obviously there was nothing because ever since I have had three kids who are three and half and under, so clearly we had no problems whatsoever.
Anyway since I lost a child as at that time, that became a way for me to reach out and meet other people, I started getting into online forums, and the connection I was making with people who have been through the experience was huge. It was really like a jumping off point for me to get going on my blog, and now its a huge part of my life I love documenting the things that we are doing and I love knowing that my kids are going to be able to look back and read about the things that mum wrote about when they were probably 3 or younger. I also want them to appreciate posts like this whereby one day if I am gone, the kids can look back and be like ”I LOVE READING ABOUT MY MUM, THIS IS WHAT SHE LOVED DOING”
So I love blogging, I love what it does for my family and I also love the gift that it is to give to my kids later on in life.

Below is the link to the contest if you want to join in. I will also like to read about your own experience, so do me a favor to comment the link to your blog post so I can read about you too.

Contest for Bloggers

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I am very simple. I love to blog about my family. I believe family is a very important institution in every society. I love to share this institution with the world

3 thoughts on “WHY I STARTED BLOGGING”

    1. Wonderful story @eveokonma. I loved that you now have 3 kids of your own. I guess God rewarded you for being a step mum who actually loved those kids.

      I started blogging because I realised I had a story worth sharing with those who cared to see/hear it. I had quit my job, given up my apartment, sold all my things, condensed my life into three bags, and started travelling with no idea of where I would be even a month down the line.

      The more I saw and experienced was the more I learned and the more time I had to reflect on past experiences long gone and learn from those too. Over time, my blog became more focused on sharing those lessons with other people who could benefit from my own hardships and possibly avoid them or get through them as I did. Travel blogging is now a minor part of my website, where I also focus on social commentary, personal development, career advice, health and fitness, and college advice.

      As for what makes me a writer? I became a writer at 13 when I completed my first full length novel. I became a “professional writer” at 16 when I got my first paying client to write. And in a few months, I’ll be a writing business when I incorporate my freelance work. I’m not sure what other people use as their measurement.
      Have a great day

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