Guys check this out.
If you are considering taking your life, ask for help! Share your struggles with someone you love and trust.
For those of you who know and love someone who has taken their life and you believe them to be a Christian, let me say this: Some people have asked me before, “If a Christian commits suicide, do they go to hell?” and my answer is a resounding no!

If a person goes to heaven, it’s because they know and trust Jesus as their Savior, not because of how religious or put-together they seem. In the same way, if a person goes to hell, it’s because they do not know or trust Jesus.
If you’re reading this, your story is not over. Jesus wants us to have a life full of joy, hope and peace. Just remember that if ain’t good, God ain’t done. He works all things (even the things that seem hard right now) together for our good


I’m not good enough
Daddy is taking Ada out for the third time because she aced her exams and I did not
It’s the 4th time I’m being dumped for the better one who happens to bear my second name
Yes! I took the pain to please my team and they chose David instead to take the lead
Right now, I can’t look my wife in the face because I was not strong enough to rescue our only son before the car exploded in my face
It’s 5 of 5 times I gave my opinion only to be overlooked by Tunde my coworker, who later brushed it up at the board meeting and was given a cool offer
I even better my life savings on the victory of my soccer club and the other club won
And now I remember that it was momma who never believed a word a…

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I am very simple. I love to blog about my family. I believe family is a very important institution in every society. I love to share this institution with the world

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