Family; Blood is Indeed Thicker Than Water

They say blood is thicker than water.

And indeed it is!

When you are born, you are taken care by your parents, your siblings, especially by your grandmothers! Then comes a time when your parents put in so much efforts to give you education and take you to tours to make you show around the world. They do all the stuffs they can do with their savings to make you grow. Even though they scold us, but all that have reasons! They don’t want you to face what they faced! They are not always right but then who is always right, isn’t it?

Every thing starts and ends with having a family with values where there is a strong bond among the family members. The family gives a person a sense of belonging such that the feeling is truly amazing. Knowing that you can let your guard down and be yourself without the fear or apprehension of being judged.

Unless you are a person of great importance like a top entrepreneur, scientist, leader of a nation, a sanyasi or too poor to meet the basic ends meet then only having a family is mostly a liability. Most of the middle class couples might see their faces only at evening time or for few minutes only but that small time period is enough to give a sense of homely satisfaction.

Many people like you have begun to question marriage and family making. They are realizing the point of it is mostly responsibility, security for loved ones and proper nurturing atmosphere which can be really challenging at times, such that the benefits like emotional support, happiness, affection is merely 20–25% if looked at an average house hold. Also no matter how the world interprets the meaning of marriage or family its done for the individuals desire. Having a husband/wife, daughter/son etc is mostly for the self fulfillment rather than actually be willing to let yourself be submitted to the other persons welfare, because had that been the case many family issues that we come to hear would have never risen.

Having such a support system who are always going to be there no matter what, and who have always tried to make sure you remain an important part of their lives, I think we should also keep them under the badge of ‘most important ones’ of our lives!

What I think Family Really Is

I was just about to sleep when I started thinking about how much I have been blessed to have a family. What is family?

The family is your first attempt at learning how love works and how forgiveness works, getting along with others and learning to help and support them, solving problems and taking care of duties for no pay, giving and receiving material things, affection, time, cleaning up after others and learning how to express yourself clearly and authentically, even doing things without getting credit. All of these skills and experiences are important and used throughout your entire life.

But also realize that no family is perfect here on Earth. People fail us and hurt us and have their own issues that affect how they treat us. The trick is to learn what you can from the imperfect people that you love and live with. And create a healthy life because of them, and in spite of them, both. Your spouse/partner will not be perfect. Your children will not make you happy all the time. And neither will your boss and coworkers. So you may as well deal with how to compromise early on, and learn to be content in every situation, and learn how to get along with others even though you cannot stand some of the things they do – or all of them!

Learn to laugh over how others annoy you and love them anyway. Learn to laugh at yourself and your many failings and embrace being human. People are all trying to be happy and most people aren’t because they don’t accept life as it comes to them. Do what you can with what you have. Decide to be happy and keep peace no matter what is flailing about you. Helping others is the key to satisfaction and reward in this life and the next. Focus on others, and being grateful for what all you do have. There is always someone worse off. Enjoy the life you’ve been given. There is a reason you are still here. Find it and live it.