Why do people want to have kids and raise a family?

I was thinking about this just now in the kitchen and I was writing down my thoughts.

I’ve come to the conclusion that It’s just down to personal choice, doing “what’s normal” in society. (I call it playing the sheep role).

There is nothing wrong at all, with having a partner you can co-habitate with in the long-term. Without the stress and expenses of children and the unnecessary so called “requirement” of marriage.

You can still be in love, and love each other dearly as any married couple. It all comes from inside you and your partners heart. A ring and a piece of paper are just objects of proof in my opinion.

Some people choose that lifestyle due to family pressure, religious fulfillment, and feel that if they didn’t pass on anything they won’t feel complete.

And if they refuse to do “what’s normal” society will tend to look down on them and think they have something wrong and they’re selfish.

In the animal kingdom it’s a natural instinct to reproduce, it’s the same with humans. So that does play a part as well. But the getting married part, isn’t part of the animal kingdom..

You don’t see chimpanzee and baboons, or lions and tigers having marriage ceremonies do you?

It’s a choice you and your partner make, not a requirement as what most religious people, or people who watch to much Disney would think.

People also want a family to love them and cherish them. It’s the only thing that really belongs to them. With family there is togetherness. The family eventually grows with the kids growing into adults and having a family of their own. With their children more families are formed and the family grows and grows.

It’s really just about love. When you have a family there is a lot of love and togetherness. Sometimes there are arguments, but when things are hard the family is always there to talk with you or give you that pick up you need so much. This is family.

This Is The Best Thing About My Family. Whats yours?

The best thing about my family is that we know that we have each other’s back. We remember that we all are living this life to face everything together.

The support, love and affection you get from your family is the best thing and I can’t ask for more.

When you can leave for office without any worries, be it the house or your kids, it’s something that relaxes one part of your brain and you know that you have to handle the stress of the office only.

Family plays an important role in our lives, and having an understanding and supportive one is certainly a blessing.

I have a great sister in law as well who is loving and caring.

We all celebrate birthdays and anniversaries together. I am proud of having such family members who make me feel relieved of all the stress in their presence.

Then the other one is not my side of family in particular, it’s my husband’s family and I say this because they have been the same even before I was married into theirs’.

  • Everyone of them are very affectionate towards each other and respect the need of others.
  • They ensure that they attend the family functions, no matter where they are and how they are. I mean, every single event and no excuses even if it is so trivial.
  • They work together like cooking for guests, taking care of the entire event with less hassles. They take whole responsibility of the food, arrangements, decorations. They give their 100% participation throughout the day. And it is not restricted to adults, except little kids, everyone else take part.
  • When a family member is unwell, they extend their support in taking care of them, providing moral support and cater their needs. They work full-time so they have their share of stress and other factors involved, but they always make themselves available when someone needs help.

They do all these with utmost care and compassion. It might look usual, but for me, it doesn’t happen this way in my family as we never went out of our way to assist others. It’s good as there are values, compassion and humanity still alive in our present generations.

A single incident that made me respect them more was when I got stuck in floods while I was 9+ months pregnant with my first baby. They came all the way to Chennai while making arrangements in few other places in our route so they could continue rescuing me if at all they are unable to do it at the first attempt. They were never worried about their life and sped up so much so that they reached Chennai from Coimbatore in 5 to 6 hours. They never knew if they can come in, as there were water logging everywhere and people were shifted in boats in some places. They never hesitated. They had an awesome coordination, cooperation and willingness to help.

They brought food, got me checked up in a hospital before proceeding further, took innumerable short breaks during the journey and put my needs in front of their own. It could have never happened if their wife, children and other family members weren’t supportive.

It is truly amazing to see their spirits and I am so much grateful to them. They are the best!

How do you make a happy family?

I was talking with a friend the other day and she asked me the question above. I said a lot of stuff but also went back home to think more about. I decided to make a post here about it so we can get engaged and i will also like to get your views about the topic in the comment section

There are a dozens of things you must do together with your closest relatives and the happiness will stay there.

With happiness all the good things will come sooner or later!

Also, you can’t really “make” a happy family. You can do things, and encourage others to do things, that correlate with happiness. But, members of the family still have to choose happiness, at some level.

Things that tend to correlate with family happiness:

  1. Everyone works. Each member has duties, for the betterment of the family.
  2. Meaningful family time. Set aside time during the day/week to enjoy and celebrate each other.
  3. Distraction-free Meals. Sit around the table, talk, share, etc.
  4. Shared Goals. Having a short/medium/long-term goal for the family, and everyone have visibility and effort to it.
  5. Help Others. Cleaning trash from the road, picking up a neighbor’s yard, volunteering.

Then on another note, we are all different with different families. There’s no special formula to this. Every family is different. All have their ups and downs, moments of happiness and sadness , laughter and grievances.

But still inspite of all this, the family which sticks together stays forever.

Communication is the key. Speak on all matters even though you aren’t an expert in many subjects but talk freely without any inhibitions.

Respect for each other , sharing of household chores, take active participation in your children’s activities, have healthy debates on family matters , give space to each other and do your part without complaining , cribbing and minimize expectations from your better half. If you have special reserves, I would love to know what you think below.


Family; Blood is Indeed Thicker Than Water

They say blood is thicker than water.

And indeed it is!

When you are born, you are taken care by your parents, your siblings, especially by your grandmothers! Then comes a time when your parents put in so much efforts to give you education and take you to tours to make you show around the world. They do all the stuffs they can do with their savings to make you grow. Even though they scold us, but all that have reasons! They don’t want you to face what they faced! They are not always right but then who is always right, isn’t it?

Every thing starts and ends with having a family with values where there is a strong bond among the family members. The family gives a person a sense of belonging such that the feeling is truly amazing. Knowing that you can let your guard down and be yourself without the fear or apprehension of being judged.

Unless you are a person of great importance like a top entrepreneur, scientist, leader of a nation, a sanyasi or too poor to meet the basic ends meet then only having a family is mostly a liability. Most of the middle class couples might see their faces only at evening time or for few minutes only but that small time period is enough to give a sense of homely satisfaction.

Many people like you have begun to question marriage and family making. They are realizing the point of it is mostly responsibility, security for loved ones and proper nurturing atmosphere which can be really challenging at times, such that the benefits like emotional support, happiness, affection is merely 20–25% if looked at an average house hold. Also no matter how the world interprets the meaning of marriage or family its done for the individuals desire. Having a husband/wife, daughter/son etc is mostly for the self fulfillment rather than actually be willing to let yourself be submitted to the other persons welfare, because had that been the case many family issues that we come to hear would have never risen.

Having such a support system who are always going to be there no matter what, and who have always tried to make sure you remain an important part of their lives, I think we should also keep them under the badge of ‘most important ones’ of our lives!

Family Blog and Keeping Memories

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“The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you are in control.” Most of us never really comprehended the seriousness of this quote by Michael Altshuler until we become parents. Though days seem long, months slip by and before you realize it, a year has flown by. Many parents will attest to this: Your child is crawling today and before you know it he or she is 5 or 10 years old. Most parents’ attention is usually divided between caring for the kids, maintaining households, work responsibilities and sometimes we hope to spend a few hours here and there on ourselves.

But the truth is that in the world we live in today, busy days blend and it is very hard to stay with everything including, dance classes, soccer schedules, birthdays and even more important to recall the unique moments that cheer us up. Most of the time the amazing things that your child says during breakfast, the things that you promise yourself to remember for a lifetime, are usually out of your mind within a few hours!